Graffiti Clean provides fast, economical, and effective graffiti removal solutions to businesses, property owners, and residents in Toronto, the GTA and surrounding cities.

Graffiti vandalism leaves residents, property and business owners with a feeling of harassment and intimidation, resulting in lower property values and a loss of customers. Promptly reporting and removing graffiti will prevent further vandalism. Our goal is to maintain and return the image and value of your business and property to its original condition.

At Graffiti Clean, our certified, insured, and WSIB compliant Technicians utilize several techniques to safely remove and eliminate graffiti:

  • Hot water/steam pressure washing.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable graffiti removal products.
  • Wet sand/soda/media blasting
  • Computerized color matched painting
  • Anti-Graffiti coatings

Graffiti Clean is committed to providing an exceptional level of service on budget and on time. We strive to operate in such a manner that results in little or no disturbance to your business and customers. 

Graffiti Clean also provides advice and assistance to community based groups that are struggling to control their graffiti problem. If you have any questions or issues, please call or email